Bonnie and Loffes puppies


Blue Rough Coat dog

Ming-Bear Lilla Blå, "Björne" 8 weeks

"Björne" 9 weeks, lives in Stockholm


Red Rough Coat bitch

Ming-Bear Red Yatsie, 8 weeks


 Yatsie, lives in Stockholm



1´th of December 2012  Bonnie got 1 red rough coat bitch
 1 fawn rough coat

Both are sold.


Puppies are expected after
Ming-Bear Yes Sir I Can Boogie, ‘Bonnie’, Black Rough Coat
 SE UCH Vriaslättens Stor Po, ‘Loffe’,  Red Rough Coat

The birth is expected  5´th of December 2012.
 Possible coloures are red, black and fawn Rough Coat.


Vanessa got one smooth coat bitch puppy 7´th of August 2012.
Her name is Ming-Bear Smultron På Strå and her nickname is Smultron.
She is staying at the kennel.


Puppies are expected  6´th of August 2012


 Imperial Dream of Black Ninja
HD A, ED 1
Ming-Bear Midsummer Dream Baby, "Vanessa"
HD C, ED vänster 2, höger 1
Tiffanys puppies 5 weeks old
All are sold


Ming-Bear Breakfast at Tiffany's
Red Smooth Coat, Bitch


Ming-Bear Siver Dollar
Red Rough Coat, Dog



Ming-Bear Sweet Blossom
Red Rough Coat, Bitch



 Puppies born 1´th of June 2012


Sire: Imperial Dream Of Black Ninja

Black smooth coat


Dam: Enjoyment Circle Of Life

Red rough coat



Bonnie got 6 puppies on 12´ th. of December

1 black dog, 3 red dogs and 2 red bitches.


Bonnie is expecting puppies 16´ th. of December.
 Father is Banjo.
Ming-BearYes Sir I Can Boogie         Ming-Bear Antique BouquetI
Black rough coat                                       Red smooth coat
HD A   AD 0                                          HD A  AD 1

Expected colours are red and black, rough and smooth coat.



Ming-Bear Yes Sir I Can Boogie, 'Bonnie' Höfter A, Armbågar 0
Enjoyment Circle of Life, 'Tiffany' Höfter A, Armbågar LBP
are going to be mated in October.

 Sire is not decided.
I´m hoping for rough coated puppies to Christmas.



All Puppies are sold.



The puppies are 7 weeks old. Photo Ann-Marie Strand.

Ming-Bear She's Got The Look, Ming-Bear I'm Your Man In Silver och Ming-Bear She's A Lady

Ming-Bear I'm Your Man In Silver, Fawn Dog
Ming-Bear She's A Lady, Red Bitch
Ming-Bear She's Got The  Look, Red Bitch
The puppies are 3 1/2 weeks old. Photo Marie Franzen Rydberg.
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Red Rough Bitch 3 1/2 weeks old Fawn Rough Dog 3 1/2  weeks old Red Rough Bitch 3 1/2  weeks old

Father: Richie                                         Mother: Tiffany

Conneseur`s Don Ricardo, "Richie"                     Enjoyment Circle of Life, "Tiffany"

HD A, AD lindrig                                                          HD A, AD lindrig


Bonnie and Banjo got 4 puppies, the day before midsummer evening,
2  black dogs, 1 red dog and 1 black bitch.
 Bonnie with her puppies, 2 days old.
Bonnies puppies
Tiffanys and Bonnies Puppies.
My beautiful girls have given birth.

Enjoyment Circle Of Life, Tiffany.
HD A, ED 1, Knees UA
Sire is Ming-Bear Antique Bouquet, Banjo.
HD A, ED 1, Knees UA.
Tiffany has got 2 red dogs and 3 red bitches 11th December 2009.
Ming-Bear Yes Sir I Can Boogie, Bonnie.
HD A, ED 0, Knee left 1, right  0.
Sire is Conneseur's Don Richardo, Richie.
HD A, ED  1 (UA/1), Knee UA
Bonnie has got 2 black rough males 13th of December.


Ming-Bear Antique Bouquet "Banjo"         Enjoyment Circle of Life " Tiffany"



Puppy born 3rd of Februari 2009

Ming-Bear By The Way, "Puccini", red male


See pitures of the puppy




Loh0v's Smooth Prinsess Samantha "Samantha" and Ming-Bear Antique Bouquet "Banjo".

Puppies D.O B. 16th of  December 2007.

Ming-Bear Bossanova, red male
Ming-Bear Rockabilly, red male

See pictures of the puppies